Money Shot – Duster Mechanical Stuff

The rear springs have sliders instead of shackles. They move freely, and should help the rear end rise somewhat. We at the S&M Shop like it when you nail it and the rear end lifts up. We like it so much, Master S needed a cigarette. The sliders position the spring eye as close as possible to the frame rail, lowering the rear of the car slightly. With the super stock springs, anything that lowers the car is good.

About this time, the engine was done. NVR made some respectable power with the little 340.

The 340 is in. The hood is no longer the coolest part of the car. Got a manual steering box and a quick-ratio worm gear. It’s lighter and smaller than the power box. No more parallel parking.

The body is roughed in and in epoxy primer. It will stay like this while we do the mechanical work.

Checked the trans – all was well. Replaced the two ball bearings and seals as long as we were in there.

A-833 four speed rebuild

A-833 four speed rebuild

Checking the bell housing for concentricity and parallelism.

Then the Centerforce clutch and the trans went in.

The engine and trans are in the mounts. Master M likes this view so much, he wants a blanket so he can sleep under the car.
Master M’s wife does not object.