Polish Tickler – Valiant Trans, Suspension, Brakes and Wiring

Floor is painted with Rust Encapsulator and chassis black. valiant41 Front end is done. Rebuilt with new rubber bushings, ball joints, tie rod ends, etc. Factory torsion bars were used, but an Addco anti-sway bar was added. P11 and Master S welded up some sway bar mounts on the K member, because the Addco pieces are absolutely awful. The bar is good, the hardware sucks. valiant42 Rebuilt ball and trunion joint for the drive shaft. 1964 was the last year for this design. valiant43 The center section was rebuilt with a 3.55 gear and a cone-type sure grip. Not good enough for a heavy car with a monster engine, but it'll be great in the little Valiant. The 3.55 ratio should make it snappy, but still highway-friendly. Axles have new green bearings. valiant44 valiant45 Trunk - cleaned up and ready for paint. valiant46 After Eastwood's spatter paint treatment. No, it's not the way Mopar did it. Too bad - get over it. This stuff looks fantastic and hides everything. valiant47 We put the dash and column in and started wiring the Valiant. valiant52 The Valiant did not have body color in the interior. Everything would have been black. We think this looks better. valiant53 The trans looked good inside - someone replaced the synchros because they showed NO wear, and the gear oil was clear. valiant56 We found this kid walking outside the shop, so we put him to work. valiant58 The MSD box is mounted, brakes are plumbed, heater box is in. The whole car was rewired with a Painless kit. valiant59

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