Polish Tickler – Bodywork on the Valiant

The Valiant finally gets the attention it deserves after the 2009 Mopar Nationals. valiant07 Lots of surface rust for P11 to remove. The K member went out for blasting and paint. A rubber bushing kit will replace the original stuff. We used an Addco anti-sway bar, but made our own welded mounts because the Addco hardware is awful. valiant42 It had some body work done. Fortunately, we know the guy that did it, and trust his work. It'll just need finishing. valiant11 valiant12 The first application of FK5 1970 Plymouth Deep Burnt Orange Metallic valiant14 valiant16 El Vato started buggin' from the fumes combined with his 40 ounce. So we got him a used respirator missing one of the cartridges. We taped up the opening, though. Safety first. valiant24 Can you believe it? We just get a little paint on the car and two hot chicks show up wanting to get in. This car is already a chick magnet. valiant19 Why is this man smiling? valiant20 valiant25 Oh, yeah. That's why. valiant26 Like any project in the S&M Shop, there is LOTS and LOTS of block sanding. You can't argue with the results, though. valiant27 valiant28 The Valiant is looking pretty straight. valiant29 valiant34 P11 lays down some filler primer. valiant37 That's it for body work until Spring. valiant38

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