Master S Starts The Caliente Project

caliente001 Master S was cruising Craigslist for "casual encounters" when he came across a '65 Mercury Comet Caliente. He liked what he saw, so he and Spencer drove to Plymouth, and it was a done deal. caliente006

Master M likes this angle best, but that's typical.

caliente009 Big, stupid grin. He's happy he has something on the horizon besides a Mopar. El Vato's in the background because he's been living in the garage until things cool off. caliente012 302 cubes of oil-burning power. It actually runs pretty good. Not good enough, but pretty good. It'll be lucky to last the year. Update: Nope. It didn't last. Dead. It also had that cool old Ford feature where the gear lever drops out of park, and the car rolls away. caliente018   Meanwhile, Master S bought some wheels and tires. calientewheels caliente026 caliente025 Tear down begins. Taking stuff apart is easy. caliente037

This is how MOST cars look while they get rebuilt. A lucky few go on a rotisserie. But... The Caliente gets secured to a table so we can REALLY  have our way with it.

caliente040 A couple engine hoists are used to lift the car. Master S had some straps among his "tools". caliente045 Leveling out the table. caliente049 Some spacer tubes go under the rocker panels to establish ride height. We're all smiling because the car didn't fall down and do a complete roll. caliente050 caliente051 Master S thinks nobody sees him. El Vato got work release so we put him to work with the plasma cutter. caliente056   caliente061 caliente060   caliente058

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