Caliente – Engine, Rough Body Work, and Primer

Master S. has decided that the Caliente will get primer, then a good flogging, and finally finish body work and paint. A nice flogging is ALWAYS a good way to start things off. The trunk, dash, firewall and door jambs were painted. Color is the modernized Shelby Lime Gold. caliente504 caliente505 So then there's the engine. A big block Ford of undisclosed specifications built by Philip Oakley. It looks nice. Incredibly, the engine fit right in place - as if the car were designed for it. caliente506 caliente508 caliente507 Plumbing is done! caliente509 caliente510 Body work is roughed in and a couple coats of black DP applied. After the car makes a few runs and sits in the sunshine for a while, we'll make it look pretty. caliente513 caliente511 caliente512 caliente514 The clutch and flywheel arrived. caliente551 caliente552 Big Brother, Little Brother. caliente553


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